21 jan. 2008

Bob, where are you?

Dear commentator Bob

I would like to apologize for inserting one of your photographs without asking for your permission.

My blog, for which i don't receive any money at all, i.e. not for commercial use, is mostly built up by pictures i find using the search engine Google images. I'll try to be more thorough when it comes to mentioning the picture sources.

I write this as a blog entry, since i wasn't able to find any email address this morning, when i searched through your page & blog. I couldn't even establish your surname.

I have now inserted the line: "Picture source: http://huronriver.pinckneymich.net/"
in the post. And will, of course, remove the photo, as soon as you tell me to.

2 kommentarer:

Bob sa...

I appreciate the comment, and the posting of a link to the Huron River Net page.

Feel free to use the image as long as you like (it has resulted in nearly 1,600 hits on that image since you posted it!)

My best to you.

Bob Coller

Z sa...

Thank you, Bob!

This whole thing made me look up Huron River on a map.
Looks like the ultimate place for fishing. Especially for you guys. I saw the photo proof.
For me, the amateur with only bread crumb lures: the biggest fish, is the one that got away.

Best of everything


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